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A one of a kind polo event held in India, 8th Jan 2023 witnessed the most historic game of the country played between ARC INDIA vs Rest of the world. An action pact sport filled with thrills and breathtaking experience leading the match to a draw.

The Turf Games International Cup 2023 in association with Amateur Riders Club was helmed by Riyhad Kundanmal, Sonam Gupta and Saif Hyder. Eminent personalities like the diplomats, ambassadors, and artists alongside international brand partners ranging from Banking, Hospitality, Clothing and more were a part of this game.

The Turf International Cup denotes the 2nd game represented by Turf Games. Previously on 24th December 2022 ‘The Christmas Cup’ was held keeping the promises intact and levelling the excitement & interest for the sport.

The event took place on 8th Jan 2023 at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse Ground, Mumbai.



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