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HBO Max drops the first official trailer for a new crime thriller series, Tokyo Vice, which is based on Jake Adelstein's non-fiction first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat.

The series stars Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe, Odessa Young, Ella Rumpf, Rinko Kikuchi, Shun Sugata, and Noémie Nakai.

The crime drama series, filmed on location in Tokyo, captures Adelstein’s (played by Ansel Elgort) daily descent into the neon-soaked underbelly of Tokyo in the late ’90s, where nothing and no one is truly what or who they seem.

Ken Watanabe stars as a detective in the organized crime division. He's a father figure to Adelstein who helps guide him through the thin and often precarious line between the law and organized crime.

Tokyo Vice is Destin Daniel Cretton and Michael Mann with writing from Naomi Iizuka, Jessica Brickman, Karl Taro Greenfeld, Brad Kane, Arthur Phillips, J.T. Rogers, and Adam Stein.

HBO will debut the Tokyo Vice series streaming from 7th April 2022.



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