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Television world under scanner when Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on the sets of Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul, due to her falling out with boyfriend Sheezan Khan, who is currently facing legal issues.

When asked about Tunisha Sharma and the whole issue, Debina said, “What conspired in Tunisha’s life, I don’t think anyone knows about it, all I can say right now that life is all about highs and lows; when you are happy or in a good place, don’t think it will last forever, same goes when you are in a low phase, it won’t last forever. That is not an end of life, don’t think like that, life is all about ups and downs, just hold on a little bit more, and bad phase will pass away”

Bonnerjee welcomed her first child, a girl through help, but later welcomed her second girl, naturally.

When asked about coming back to work, Debina said, “I was in hibernation, I was inside the house, I wasn’t working, but now I hope things will fall back in place”

Debina also expressed her concerns about impending Covid new wave, she said, “For 2 years, everyone was locked, and nothing happened, now as people have started to come out and started their lives again, I am hearing about a new wave, I just hope and wish, it shouldn’t come to India. Authorities need to screen visitors from other places more strictly, so that we can lead in our lives”

Debina Bonnerjee was last seen on Bigg Boss 15, as a celebrity guest.



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