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Radian Mobility, a health tech company based out of Mumbai, focusing on enhancing mobility awareness through adherence in the physiotherapy and preventative fitness sector has raised USD 300,000 in its maiden raise from a large US family office.

Radian was set up by CEO Jamshid Pandole, a twenty-two-year financial veteran and avid athlete, and CTO Gaurav Vyas an ex-amazon Computer engineer in 2021.

The market for fitness apps increased by a whopping 48.8% from 2019 to 2020 and is expected to witness a yearly growth of 17.0% to 17.6% over the next 5 years. Along with this the Indian HealthTech market is set to reach USD 5 billion by 2023.

With 0.59 therapists to patient ratio for every 100,000 population, there is an urgent need for increased interaction between Doctors and Patients to increase the recovery matrix. Technology will be the only solution and Radian has taken the lead in this space by building a tool for therapists to manage their patients, build customised exercise routines and track their patients’ recovery.

Radian guides patients through their journey to recovery by facilitating adherence to home protocols and keeping a track on their progress. With the help of motion tracking technology, the Radian App gives accurate data that Doctors, and therapists need to track their patient’s recovery and progress. This enhanced interaction between Patients and their Doctors have proven that patients recover significantly faster than their existing methods.

Radian has already instituted tie-ups with Pvt Hospitals, Government Hospitals & Sports associations. Radian continues to collaborate with different entities, right from independent physios, small clinics to larger health/sports organisations.

Radian aims to provide physiotherapists a medium to keep up with their patients journey to recovery and give patients a place to continue treatment at their own pace. With features that are beneficial to all the parties involved, Radian is closer to achieving its goal of filling in the blanks in the recovery process.



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