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  • Offers the choicest of plots and premium apartments in and around Telangana
  • Investments in real estate market is bound to grow

Hyderabad based Vian Estate is now offering its real estate services be it buying and selling of plots and apartments to the residents of Telangana and NRIs who are keen to invest and see their investment reap rewards in the most dynamic and the youngest state in India – Telangana through its newly launched website www.vianestate.com.

“Vian Estate with over two decades of service experience in the real estate market is currently managing many real estate projects of repute. Vian offers its clients integrity, investment, and loyalty in all of its services. When we launched Vian Estate (as a company), our sole intention was to offer the best advice and investment options for the average Indian who invests in real estate only once in their lifetime. It is not only their life savings but their dreams that they invest in and we respect that thought,” said Mrs. Munnessha.S, CEO of Vian Estate.

Currently, Vian Estate has tied up with major developers of international repute in India to offer their projects assuring clients of personalized services. Committing to this is their vision and mission statement that states: “To offer our clients investment options that are tailored to their needs and objectives” and “We are committed to staying at the forefront of the real estate industry by providing customers with the best service possible.”

“We have a strong network that has been built over the past two decades. We intend to maximize our network by asking our network to become channel partners of Vian Estate. It is a win-win for everyone with the customer getting the best real estate deal possible,” she added.

Vian Estate in the coming months will also enable financial assistance to potential customers by tying up with banks and financial institutions.


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