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Regarded as the powerhouse of talent, Vidya Balan is not only a celebrated actor but also an influential icon with her thoughts and ideologies that resonate with the masses. In her recent social media post, Vidya Balan throws light on a very common aspect of being an actor, while delving into the implications at the broader spectrum.

As an actor, while most celebrities have a favoured profile to be clicked, an incident changed Vidya Balan's perspective of perceiving these preferences of self.

Penning her thoughts on the matter, Vidya Balan shared two pictures flaunting both her profiles saying, "A few days ago, at an event this pretty girl comes upto me for a pic…There was a crowd and i was trying to do as many pics as possible. People were jostling and in the middle of this chaos, the girl was back for another pic. My manager (who is very sharp) promptly told her,’aapne toh le liya…plz aur nahi’. To which she said, ‘ galat side se liya,main achchi nahi lag rahi ,yeh post nahi kar paungi’.She was miserable & followed me to the car ,relentless in her pursuit to get the perfect picture ..almost making it sound like her life depended on it..I obliged…I then got into the car bemused…and it made me think”

“You know I’ve always preferred my left profile over my right…but overtime as I started on this journey of trying to love & accept myself a little more each day, I realised that liking one profile meant liking one part of me to the exclusion of the other…because the truth is that i not only liked my left but also disliked my right profile. I would tell photographers & cinematographers to avoid shooting me from the right…I would be scared if someone shot me from the right cuz I thought it was my ugly side. It was almost like the fear of being found out”

“Today with the growing acceptance and love for every part of me and all of me, I don’t care where I’m being shot from…I’m no longer scared of anyone seeing that side of me…Truth be told, today not only do I like my right profile, I actually love it… and not because my right profile changed but because I realized its never going to. What changed is the way I looked at myself and that changed how I see myself. Hence I returned to the room and took this selfie at the end of a long day sans make up …because I LIKE me just the way I am. Do you like one profile less than the other? If you do and even if you don’t, post that selfie with both your sides in full glory”

Breaking the stereotypes of the set standards by the society, Vidya Balan has been a changemaker on and off screen with her fierce and unfiltered demeanour. From body positivity to embracing individuality, Vidya Balan has set precedents at every step.

On the work front, Vidya Balan is currently gearing up for her upcoming film “Neeyat”.



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