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Zoom Abroad Education Academy, a UK-based EdTech company today announced the launch of its 2 plus 1 programme in India. This is a credit transfer programme for international students to get direct entry to the final year of Undergraduate courses in UK Universities by achieving the required qualifications and credit via Zoom Abroad’s blended courses. This course is designed to make international education more affordable, accessible and an easy go-to solution for every student.

The program offers a UK degree qualification at 40% of the cost of a traditional 3-year degree at a UK university. In addition, Zoom Abroad Education Academy will also provide a personalized counsellor, course guidance, profile building, alumni mentorship, and assistance with documentation, finance, and visa as well. The programme also provides 2 weeks internships in Dubai and Singapore at no additional cost to the student.

Mr. Bill Rammell, former UK Higher Education Minister and UK Vice Chancellor, who leads Zoom Abroad Education Academy inaugurated the programme in India and commented"Zoom Abroad Academy is driven by a passionate desire to widen access for Indian students to UK Universities, making it more affordable and achievable for those students currently excluded by cost and distance. Our 2 plus 1 program open the door to opportunity and career development for so many more Indian students, enabling them to access UK Higher Education at 40% of the traditional cost. Our 2 plus 1 program can be accessed on a blended basis directly in partnership with one of our Indian College or University partners. In opening up access to UK Universities for more Indian students, this is both good for the student and good for Indian Society and its economy."

Students who will be a part of this programme will be able to avail the same benefits as students studying in the UK including post-study work visa for 2 years.

The United Kingdom has some of the world's top universities and is second only to the US as a destination for overseas students, offering students a wide range of subjects to study. With world-class degrees to help students prepare and succeed in their career, the UK's acclaimed educational system is capable of changing lives.

Website: academy.zoomabroad.com



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