Oscars 2024: Emma Stone's stunning mermaid-fit peplum gown was a standout outfit of the night

Experience the glamour and style of the Oscars 2024 with Emma Stone's stunning mermaid-fit peplum gown. Delve into the standout outfit of the night and get inspired by her red carpet look.

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone made a stunning appearance at the 96th Annual Academy Awards, captivating everyone with her beautiful mint green gown. Her fashion statement was truly remarkable and we were completely smitten. Not only did Emma win her second Oscar for her outstanding performance as Bella Baxter in Poor Things, but her acting skills were truly exceptional. Her talent is undeniable and we couldn't have expected anything less from her. But it wasn't just her acting that impressed us, her bold and stylish choice of attire on the red carpet left a lasting impression on fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The elegant gown was adored by modern fashionistas everywhere.


Emma Stone's stunning Pastel colored gown

Emma Stone's attire for the glamorous event demonstrated her prowess in both fashion and acting. The moment she entered the Dolby Theatre, all eyes were immediately drawn to her. While she effortlessly commanded attention with her charm and confidence, it was her mint green Louis Vuitton gown that truly stole the show. This stunning creation featured a strapless corset-inspired bodice, accentuating her alluring neckline, and a striking peplum detail at the waist, adding an extra touch of glamour. The floor-length gown hugged her figure beautifully, with an elegant train trailing behind her as she gracefully walked ahead. Emma Stone's fashion choices truly showcased her impeccable style and undeniable confidence. The entire dress was completely adorned with a complex design resembling seashells, while the lower part of the dress had a subtle fishtail shape, resulting in a true mermaid-core aesthetic. Additionally, Emma confidently embraced the distinctive shade of mint green as if it were her own. We adore how the dress hugs her figure and flares out, and how the exquisite details truly illuminate against her radiant skin tone.

Emma Stone's beautiful accessories 


Emma finished off her ensemble by pairing it with coordinating high heels and complemented her look with eye-catching accessories that brought a touch of glamour to her outfit. Among these accessories was an exquisite diamond choker featuring a stunning yellow diamond at its centerpiece, accompanied by a matching set of elegant diamond stud earrings. By incorporating these accessories, Emma succeeded in adding a carefully considered appeal to her attire, subtly enhancing it without overshadowing the main focus. This wise decision ensured that her outfit remained the center of attention while still exuding a hint of sophistication.

Emma's adorable hairstyle and makeup 

Emma opted for a relaxed and natural look with her hair, leaving it down in soft waves and parted in the middle. This effortless hairstyle beautifully framed her face and cascaded down her back, adding a lovely touch to her overall appearance. Emma has always been drawn to a minimalist style, and this was evident in her choice of makeup for this ensemble. She went for a subtle and fresh look, with a dewy complexion, perfectly groomed eyebrows, mascara-coated lashes, softly blushed cheeks with a hint of shimmering highlighter, and a gorgeous nude lipstick to complete the look.


Emma Stone wowed the crowd at the 96th Annual Academy Awards with her breathtaking mint green dress. Her fashion choice was absolutely extraordinary, leaving us completely captivated. Emma Stone's outfit for the star-studded occasion showcased her talent in both fashion and acting. As soon as she stepped into the Dolby Theatre, all eyes were instantly fixated on her. With her natural charm and unwavering confidence, she effortlessly commanded attention. However, it was her stunning mint green gown by Louis Vuitton that truly stole the spotlight and became the talk of the town.

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