Akshay Kumar Is Now Officially an Indian Citizen

Akshay Kumar, the popular Bollywood actor, is now officially an Indian citizen. Read more about his nationality transition and what it means for him and his career.

By Aishwarya

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, the renowned Bollywood actor, has recently acquired Indian citizenship after being a Canadian citizen for several years. This news has sparked a lot of discussions and speculations among fans and the media. In this article, we will delve into the details of Akshay Kumar's citizenship journey, the reasons behind his decision, and the impact it may have on his career and personal life.

Background and Citizenship Journey

Early Life and Career
Akshay Kumar, whose real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, was born on September 9, 1967, in Amritsar, Punjab, India. He started his career in the film industry as an action hero and gradually established himself as one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood. With his impeccable comic timing, intense performances, and dedication to his craft, he has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Canadian Citizenship
In 2011, Akshay Kumar became a Canadian citizen, which raised eyebrows and led to widespread speculation about his intentions. As a Canadian citizen, he continued to work in the Indian film industry and maintained his popularity among fans. However, this decision also attracted criticism from certain sections of society, who questioned his loyalty to India.

Indian Citizenship Application
In recent years, there have been reports suggesting that Akshay Kumar was planning to renounce his Canadian citizenship and apply for Indian citizenship. However, the actor remained tight-lipped about his intentions, fueling further speculation. In 2019, he finally filed an application for Indian citizenship, which underwent a thorough vetting process by the Indian authorities.

Official Indian Citizen
After a lengthy and rigorous process, Akshay Kumar's application for Indian citizenship was approved, and he was officially granted Indian citizenship in . This news came as a pleasant surprise to his fans and marked a significant milestone in his life and career.

Reasons Behind the Decision

Love for India
Throughout his career, Akshay Kumar has always expressed his love and affection for India. Despite being a Canadian citizen, he maintained strong ties with his home country and actively participated in various social initiatives. His decision to acquire Indian citizenship can be seen as a testament to his deep-rooted connection and commitment to India.

Professional Opportunities
Being an Indian citizen opens up new avenues and opportunities for Akshay Kumar in the Indian film industry. As an Indian citizen, he can now participate in government-funded projects and represent India on international platforms. This move may also help him establish stronger ties with the Indian film fraternity and collaborate on projects that promote Indian culture and values.

Personal Reasons
Apart from professional opportunities, there could be personal reasons behind Akshay Kumar's decision to acquire Indian citizenship. Family, emotional attachment, and a desire to reconnect with his roots might have played a crucial role in this decision. However, these are purely speculative and can only be confirmed by the actor himself.

Impact on Career and Personal Life

Film Projects
With his new Indian citizenship, Akshay Kumar can now take part in projects that require Indian citizenship as a prerequisite. This may lead to more diverse roles and collaborations with filmmakers who were previously unable to cast him due to his Canadian citizenship. It is anticipated that his popularity and box-office success will continue to soar, further solidifying his position in the industry.

Social Initiatives
Akshay Kumar has been actively involved in various social initiatives, such as promoting menstrual hygiene, supporting the armed forces, and advocating for the welfare of farmers. As an Indian citizen, he can now play a more significant role in these initiatives and contribute to the betterment of society.

Personal Life
Acquiring Indian citizenship may also have personal implications for Akshay Kumar. It could facilitate smoother travel and ease certain bureaucratic processes. Additionally, it may strengthen his sense of belonging and allow him to connect more deeply with his Indian heritage.

Akshay Kumar's acquisition of Indian citizenship marks a significant milestone in his life and career. His love for India, professional opportunities, and personal reasons may have influenced his decision to renounce his Canadian citizenship and embrace his Indian identity. As fans eagerly await his upcoming projects, it is clear that Akshay Kumar's commitment to entertaining and inspiring audiences remains unwavering, regardless of his citizenship status.

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