Ali Fazal's Eid Plans, two three days of Eid, are always off

Ali Fazal's Eid plans and how he spends the two to three days of Eid by taking time off. Explore how this Bollywood actor celebrates the festive occasion in style.

By Parul
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A renowned Bollywood actor Ali Fazal explores his Eid Holiday planning. Ali Fazal is a renowned Bollywood actor and has given the industry many superhit films. The actor debuted in the industry with a small role in an English language film and now his incredible skills and talent have earned him fame. Now during a media interaction, the actor reveals his Eid plans. The actor said that whatever happened, he takes holidays at the Eid Festival. 


Ali Fazal talks about his Eid Festival preparation

The actor shared his plans for the Eid celebrations and sad said that he would be jetting off to Lucknow to spend some quality time with my family. Talking about how Eid celebrations from his school days to now have changed for him considering he has an erratic work schedule, Ali said Now I ensure that no matter where I am, the two-three days of Eid are always off for me. It is a general practice I have made.

Ali Fazal talks about his family 


Ali Fazal said that Family has to be a priority.“You could work as much as you like, but the family has to always be a priority, and for me, Eid, Every year I am going to Lucknow and spend quality time with family members.  So that's how to balance it even today.

The actor recounted his old memories 

The actor recalls his golden memories of the Eid celebration. Remembering Eid celebrations during his school days. Al Fazal said it was always the big extended family getting together. Sharing a great time. Our celebrations usually lasted two to three days at my mother's home in Lucknow. I also have fond lots of Laughter. Those truly are some of the best memories of my life. The further added, I also have many memories of spending time in Prayagraj with my father. 

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