Anil Kapoor writes emotional letter praising daughter Rhea on her birthday

An emotional letter from a father, Anil Kapoor, expressing love and admiration for his daughter Rhea on her birthday. Explore heartfelt sentiments and touching words in this special message.

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Anil Kapoor, a proud father, became emotional as he penned a heartfelt letter to his daughter, Rhea Kapoor, on her birthday. Anil Kapoor is a highly respected and cherished veteran actor in the Bollywood industry. Even at the age of 67, he continues to radiate youthful energy and appearance, resembling a 30-year-old man. However, today, Anil expressed his overflowing love and immense pride for his daughter, who is not only a producer but also a talented stylist, as she celebrates her special day. Anil, who has collaborated with Rhea as a co-producer for their upcoming film Crew, took to Instagram to convey his emotions through a touching letter dedicated to her.


Anil Kapoor's heartfelt note for Rhea 

Anil Kapoor utilized Instagram to share a pair of images featuring Rhea Kapoor. One of the photos displayed her alone, while the other showcased her alongside her co-stars from the film Crew, namely Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon. The proud father expressed his admiration for his daughter by composing an emotional letter dedicated to her. "On this special occasion, I find myself contemplating the past six months. What a whirlwind journey it has been for you! From the highly anticipated release of your movie to the stunning and awe-inspiring looks you have curated, I have witnessed firsthand the whirlwind and frenzied nature of it all. However, let me assure you that no one handles it with the same level of elegance and skill as you do!" he wrote, lavishing praise on Rhea.

Expressing his affection for her, Anil expressed, "As your aspirations soar and the world acknowledges your brilliance, I simply want to shower you with my love and best wishes. Additionally, I hope you will find the time to rest and rejuvenate, as you truly deserve it! You are on the verge of something truly enchanting, and I take great pride in standing by your side through it all—cheering you on, supporting you, and being here for you unconditionally. So, here's to you on your special day, my dear! I hold deep love and admiration for you! @rheakapoor" accompanied by a hug and red heart emojis.


Celebs reacts to Anil Kapoor's Note 

Boney Kapoor, the filmmaker brother of Anil Kapoor, expressed his admiration for Rhea on her birthday. He praised her as the most amazing, hardworking, and innovative individual, always at the top of her game in filmmaking and delivering the best designs for her loved ones. He also acknowledged her talent as one of the best culinary curators, ensuring a delightful experience for everyone. Boney Kapoor couldn't help but continue listing more qualities and promised to add even more in the future for her upcoming birthdays. His heartfelt message was accompanied by a red heart emoji. Shilpa Shetty was also moved by Anil's emotional letter and left a comment saying, "Awwwww Happy Birthday Rhea."

Rhea Kapoor reacts to Anil Kapoor's note 


In response to her father's heartfelt message, Rhea Kapoor expressed her love by stating, "Dad, I adore you. Your words have moved me to tears." She accompanied her words with an emoji depicting someone holding back tears and a red heart emoji. Rhea's mother, Sunita Kapoor, also shared her emotions, saying, "You're making me cry too," along with several red heart emojis.

Anil Kapoor's work front

Anil Kapoor is one of the most adored veteran Bollywood actors. Even at the age of 67, he continues to shine and look as young as a 30-year-old boy. The actor is preparing for his upcoming venture, Fighter, directed by Siddharth Anand and featuring Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan as co-stars. The movie is set to be released in theaters on January 25, 2024. In this film, Kapoor takes on the role of Group Captain Rakesh Jai Singh, who is famously known as Rocky.

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