Ayesha Takia shares cryptic note in response to surgery comments, emphasizes lack of control

Actress Ayesha Takia posts a cryptic note after facing comments about her surgeries, emphasizing that one cannot control the judgments of others. Get more insights on her response.

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Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia

Salman Khan's former leading lady, Ayesha Takia, was recently seen at the airport after a considerable period of time. She appeared to be her usual cheerful self as she gracefully posed for photographs. Accompanied by her son and a friend, the actress made her way inside the airport, pausing briefly for a few snapshots. Ayesha is renowned for her work in films like Wanted, alongside Salman Khan, as well as Dil Maange More, starring Shahid Kapoor, among others. Her recent appearance with her son, Mikail Azmi, garnered significant attention from the public. It appears that Ayesha has acknowledged this response on her Instagram stories and posts.

Ayesha Takia addresses the critiques about her look 

Ayesha Takia was recently spotted at the airport with her son after a considerable amount of time. The actress chose to wear a salwar kameez with a printed design for her travel. Some comments circulated regarding the possibility of the actress undergoing facial surgeries. However, Ayesha handled the situation with grace and poise. She took to her Instagram handle and posted two notes. The first one was a selfie where she flashed her most beautiful smile, accompanied by the caption Love and Peace. The second post was a quote shared from the Instagram profile @third_eye_thirst. The quote emphasized the concept of energy exchange, stating that one cannot control how others perceive their energy. It further explained that people's perceptions are influenced by their own experiences and emotions, and not necessarily reflective of one's true self. The note encouraged individuals to continue living with integrity and love, regardless of others' interpretations.

Ayesha Takia's  appearence at the airport

Ayesah Takia , a renowned Bollywood actress, recently made a rare appearance at Mumbai airport. In a departure from her usual glamorous style, the former actress opted for a simple dark blue Salwaar Kamiz, with her long hair left untied. Adhering to safety protocols, she wore a black mask, but kindly removed it when requested by the paparazzi. Accompanied by her son Mikail, who sported a green shirt and black pants, Ayesha gracefully presented their documents to the airport security personnel. It was a refreshing sight to see the popular actress in a more casual and relaxed look, as she navigated the airport with ease and poise after being away for some time.

Ayesah Takia 's work front

Ayesha Takia started her career as a model and gained recognition through her appearance in Falguni Pathak's song Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaye. Subsequently, she made her debut in Bollywood with the film Taarzan: The Wonder Car and received the Filmfare award for Best Debut in 2004. Following her last film appearance in 2011, she decided to take a break from the film industry.


Ayesha Takia's airport appearance was nothing short of stunning. She exuded confidence and charm as she walked through the terminal, turning heads with her impeccable style. Ayesha Takia has recently shared a mysterious message in response to comments about her surgery. In her note, she highlights the importance of understanding that she has no control over other people's opinions or actions. This cryptic message seems to be a way for Ayesha to address the criticism she has faced regarding her appearance.

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