Bhumi Pednekar's sister Samisksha Pednekar responds to haters and shut down their mouth

Samiksha Pednekar, the sister of Bhumi Pednekar, effectively handles haters and shuts down their criticism. Learn how she handles criticism with grace and confidence in this article.

By Parul
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Bhumi Pednekar's sister Samisksha Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar is a renowned actress of Indian Cinema. The actress's sister Samiksha Pednekar looks the same, they are like twins. The gorgeous Bhumi Pednekar started her journey in the Bollywood industry as an assisting casting director. She works on her first project alongside actor Ayushman Khurrana in the film Jor Laga Ke Haisha. The actress's captivating skills and incredible acting skills leave the audience aww. The actress is often seen doing some powerful roles in films. Bhumi Pednekar is a strong and opinionated actress and as well as her sister Samisksha is also. 


Samiksha Pednekar shuts down negativity 

Samiksha Pednekar sister of Bhumi Pednekar distinctly knows how to give people a taste of their own medicine. Bhumi and her Younger sister Samiksha are so similar, and often they are misjudged as twins. The actress clarified that they are sisters they are not twins. She said according to some people they look similar and like twins. Some time ago the beautiful sister duo dropped a collaborative post on their social media handle Sharing the video, they wrote, ‘Me and my best friend.’ In response, some people are taken aback and appreciate them for their similarity and beauty. While some others trolled them that they had gone under the knife and done plastic surgery to look similar and like twins. One user commented “Life in plastic is so fantastic” with a laughing emoji. The social media personality was quick to react, “What plastic?” another one commented, “This is what happens we have the same surgeon, and we can't differentiate both of them.” Responding to this, Samiksha, who is a lawyer by profession wrote, “Or same parents? Maybe?”

Bhumi Pednekar's work front 

On the work front, Bhumi Pednekar is busy in shooting her upcoming crime thriller Bhakshak. The film is directed by the Pulkit and produced by Gauri Khan. The film made its OTT debut on February 9, 2024. 

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