Divyanka Tripathi is set to return for the Adrishyam shoot post-surgery

Divyanka Tripathi made a comeback after 15 days from the shoot of the film Adrishyam and a double fracture surgery. Stay updated about her project and health.

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One of the most popular actresses in the Television industry, Divyanka Tripathi has now come back after 15 days of the break from the shoot of Adrishyam. Divyanka Tripathi is a versatile actress known for her iconic roles in popular TV shows. The actress recently busing in the shooting of her upcoming action thriller drama Adrishyam. Recently she delayed her shooting after falling from a height and getting a double fracture. Duvyanka undergoes surgery. She resumed her work with Adrishyam. Now the actress has announced her come back to work after 15 days of rest. 


Divyanka Tripathi came to her work 

After suffering a double fracture falling from a height, Divyanka Tripathi seems to have recovered. She is on the road to resuming work on her show Adrishyam. She says, “I am ready to work even now. Those who know me are aware of how quickly I bounce back. She has expressed her availability but there is no pressure from the maker's end. I have no idea about how makers and channels want to take it forward and I don't intervene in their creative processes as they know the job better. All I can say with full surgery is that they are  comforting and are concerned about my safety as I am healing. 

Anshuman Kishore talks about Divyanka's surgery 

Anshuman Kishore director of Adrishyam recently talked about Divyanka Tripathi's surgery and she came back to work. He said   “Divyanka is come back at work with a small stitch in her hand.  But she won’t be able to do action and she is a very good actor in action. She is a very tough girl.”It did create a problem because Divyanka is an integral part of the show. I have created a big drama in Parvati’s life, but then, her getting hurt did cause some difficulty.”

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