Eijaz Khan sharing the screen with Divyanka Tripathi in Adrishyam

Eijaz Khan and Divyanka Tripathi will be seen sharing the screen in the upcoming project "Adrishyam." Learn more about their collaboration and the suspense thriller movie.

By Parul
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Eijaz Khan is a renowned actor and he is best known as Wasim Khan from City Of Dreams. The actor is currently seen in Adrishyam- The Invisible Heroes on Sony Liv as BIA agent Ravi Verma. In a recent interview, he talks about her role and preparation. In the film, the actor shares the screen with Renowned TV actress Divyanka Tripathi. Eijaz Khan talks about his bond with Divyanka. 


Eijaz Talks about his preparation and role 

Eijaz Khan speaking about his show and role said, “Adrishyam is a unique name. ‘The invisible heroes, the tagline of the show, perfectly represents the storyline of the protagonists. They are a part of the crowd, they blend in with the crowd. They emerge from the crowd, they do their bit to save the day, and then disappear in the crowd again.”He added that He playing a secret agent and unfortunately, he took a long time to prepare for this. They were supposed to go on the floor in August last year, but it got pushed back, again and again, He said he thought that the most important thing is that they have our mentor Mr. Aloka, who has also written multiple books. Aloka himself has 25 years old experience in the intelligence field. Aloka is an award winner. So Eijaz has recorded their conversation with him. Aloka gave him a lot of insights into life. He said that Mr. Aloka is a very sweet-looking gentleman, he has his smile, and he has an aura of mystery around him. 

Eijaz Khan reveals Divyanka Tripathi and his bonding 

In the film, Eijaz Khan portrays the role of team leader Ravi Sharma and Divyanka Tripathi portraying the significant role of Parvati Sehgal. He said Divyanka and I come from a very different universe. He said they are very different like chalk and cheese. But they gave their hundred percent. There was a period of adjustment. 

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