Happy Birthday Jackie Shroff: Bollywood celebs show love for their Jaggu Dada

Happy Birthday Jackie Shroff! Bollywood stars are showering love and warm wishes for their beloved Jaggu Dada on his special day. Join in the celebration and read about the heartwarming messages from fellow celebrities.

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Happy birthday Jackie Shroff

Today marks the 67th birthday celebration of Jackie Shroff, a renowned celebrity from the 90s. The iconic actor, Jackie Shroff, consistently amazes audiences with his performances on the silver screen. Not only is he a prominent figure in Bollywood, but he is also recognized and respected by the locals in Mumbai who have nowhere else to turn. Known for his kind-hearted nature, Jackie Shroff always extends a helping hand to those in need. On this special day, as Jackie Shroff celebrates his 67th birthday, the entire Bollywood fraternity is showering him with love and warm wishes. Jackie Shroff is well-known for his versatile acting skills and his distinctive sense of fashion, captivating audiences with his incredible style. He holds a special place as one of the beloved actors from the 90s, affectionately known as Jaggu Dada.

Tiger Shroff's heartmelting birthday wish

Tiger Shroff, the son of Jackie Shroff, expressed his heartfelt birthday wishes to his father through a touching social media post. On Thursday morning, Tiger took to his Instagram stories to share the cover of a vintage magazine featuring his father, Jackie Shroff, holding his two children, Tiger and his sister Krishna Shroff. On the occasion of his father's 67th birthday, Tiger conveyed his love and admiration with a heartfelt message. He wrote, Happy Birthday to the most amazing human being and the best dad. I love you immensely, @apnabhidu.

Ayesha Shroff's birthday post for Jackie Shroff 

Ayesha Shroff, the wife of Jackie Shroff, took to Instagram to wish him a happy birthday and shared a series of pictures. The photos feature Jackie Shroff, Ayesha, their daughter Krishna, and some recent moments captured together. Ayesha captioned the post by expressing the difficulty of encapsulating a lifetime of memories and the true essence of a man in mere words or pictures. She wished him a happy birthday and described Jackie as the coolest, kindest, best father, son, and friend. A heartfelt tribute to @apnabhidu @tigerjackieshroff @kishushroff.

Bollywood stars BIrthday wishes to Jackie Shroff 

Today marks the 67th Birthday celebration of Tiger Shroff, and numerous esteemed Bollywood celebrities have taken the opportunity to extend their well wishes on this special day. Ajay Devgan shared a heartfelt post on his Instagram account, featuring a picture of Jackie Shroff with a plant. The caption read, Tera Mera sabka Bhidu, Happy Birthday! P.S. I will celebrate your birthday by planting a tree. Kareena Kapoor Khan also joined in to wish Jackie Shroff a very Happy Birthday, referring to him as the coolest legend ever, @anabhidu.


Today marks the 67th birthday celebration of Jackie Shroff, a highly acclaimed and beloved Bollywood actor. Jackie Shroff is widely recognized for his unique style and warm-hearted nature. Numerous Bollywood celebrities are extending their heartfelt wishes to him on this special occasion. He is known for his distinct personality and amicable demeanor, which have endeared him to fans and colleagues alike. As Jackie Shroff celebrates another year of life, his contributions to the film industry and his philanthropic efforts continue to inspire and touch the hearts of many. Happy birthday to the ever-charming Jackie Shroff!

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