Karanvir Sharma pens a heartfelt note for his co star Suniel shetty

Karanvir Sharma expresses his admiration and gratitude for his co-star Suniel Shetty in a heartfelt note. Please find out more about their bond and working relationship in this article.

By Parul
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Karanvir Sharma Shared the screen space with the superstar Suniel Shetty in the acclaimed web series Hunter: Tootega Nahi Todega released last year. Karanvir Sharma is a renowned Bollywood actor. The actor Kaaranvir Sharma is known for his incredible acting skills. The actor Karanvir Sharma shares the screen with renowned superstar Suniel Shetty. Directed by Prince Dhiman and Alok Batra, the series garnered rave reviews, cementing Sharma and Shetty’s bond both on and off-screen. After a couple of times, The actor Karanvir Sharma met with the legendary actor on the sets of the latter’s upcoming film Kesariveer and penned down an appreciation post for him. 


Karanvir Sharma Penned a heartfelt note 

After meeting with superstar Suniel Shetty and penned a heartfelt note for him. The note read, “To friends like family. I’m so glad to have come across you and have the opportunity to work with you @suniel.shetty. l, have never seen a more humble Super Star who is ever ready to adapt and learn. The energy you resonate with on set is inspirational. Not only that.   You take your team together. This shows how you’ve been brought up and a true mark of a man. Thank You for always being so supportive, I’ve still got a lot to learn from you. Here’s to many more memories with you Anna. I Stan You. I Love You did anyone notice I stole his spectacles? P.S. @dir_prince_dhiman, I feel so proud of you brother. I’ve come a long way. I’m glad you are getting the right opportunities, finally. What you’ve done with Kesariveer is fantastic. Looking forward to more good from you bhai.”

Karanvir Sharma and Suniel shetty 

In the photo,  their brief encounter on sets of Kesariveer was filled with laughter and memories. From the thrill of action-packed scenes to moments of camaraderie offset, their journey together had been nothing short of remarkable. 

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