Khanzaadi reveals that Badshah's sharp critique of her rapping skills impacted her psyche

Khanzaadi opens up about how Badshah's critique of her rapping skills affected her mentally and emotionally. Read more to learn about this revealing insight and its impact on her journey in the music industry.

By Parul
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Khanzaadi made highlights with her participation in Salman Khan's most anticipated reality show Bigg Boss. However, Khanzaadii didn't reach the finale week and was out of the show before the Finale. She was also known as a rude arrogant person and came across as a person with a no-nonsense attitude. She is a woman with no filtter and doesn't give any second thoughts before messing with anyone. Khaaanzadi aka Firoza  Khan once fought with Salman Khan and got out of the big boss's house because of her next-level attitude behavior. Recently, Khanzaadi stated how Badshah's words on her hip hop ginging skills, demotivated her to the extent that she had to lock herself in a room. 


Khanzaadi Talks about Badshah's hip-hop music 

Firoza Khan raises her fans from the Bigg Boss show and goes by the stage name Khanzaadi. Khanzaadi appeared on the TV show MTV Hustle 2.0, Where contestants compete with each other and are judged on their hip-hop and rap skills. During the show's stint Khanzaadi was told by Badshah who is the super judge of MTV Hustle 2.0, That although she looked gorgeous, she should leave the hip-hop genre and try pop music. Recently, during an Instagram Live Session with rapper Bohemia, Khanzaadi revealed that Badshah's words affect her and demotivate her. She stated that Badshah and the rest of the judges could have motivated her to improve her hip-hop skills and maybe it would improve soon in a month or a year. Khanzaadii said that after the incidents, she locked herself in the room and started writing songs. She said that every day, she woke up listened to music, and started writing songs. She proudly revealed that now she has written 15 songs. 

Khanzaadi's Journey in Bigg Boss House 

Khanzaadi comes into in limelight after she enters the Bigg Boss House. During her stint at Bigg Boss  17, she is the talk of the town because of her fight with Salman Khan. The fight is eventually so intense and that is the reason Khanzaadi is not invited to the Bigg Boss 17 Finale. 

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