Maharani Writer opens up about season 4 and our journey in the Industry

The writer of Maharani has opened up about season 4 and shared their journey in the entertainment industry. Explore their insights, experiences, and reflections on navigating the world of writing and entertainment.

By Parul
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The original writer of two hit shows Maharni and Khaake: The Bihar Chapter, Umaashankar Singh, made his debut in Hindi Cinema by Arbaaz Khan's popular film Dolly Ki Doli. The film is starring Rajkumar Rao and Sonam Kapoor. He went into a critical dormancy after the film but now he has come back into the industry. The writer is one of the renowned scriptwriters in the Industry. But how did he come into the industry after that creative dormancy? 


The writer talks about the politics and entertainment industry 

The Maharani Writer Umaashankar gave his opinion on politics and the Entertainment Industry in a recent media Interaction. He said that both politics and Cinema are businesses but the difference is that Politics is run by people who are resourceful and and keep cutting corners. The cinema is run by people who are creative and unfold the story that is around us and is inspired by life. Singh clarified that the huge successful Huma Qureshi led the series Maharani, which season 4 announced, is based on Bihar's politics. Singh agreed that the people of Bihar found Mahrani a copy of Bihar Politician's one and only woman Rabri Devi who was elevated to the office by accident of circumstances. He stated that their Journey may seem similar but they are not, They are just opposite and different. Singh asked why the regime and the politics changed when the teaser or trailer was released of the Maharani series.

Singh reveals why he disappeared from Industry  

He said that Dolly Ki Doli which is my first film got to write.  he said he made a genuine miscalculation by saying ‘no’ to offers that were coming his way because he wanted to do scripts for a film that were “different”.Looking back, he said, “I did not know the industry that well in those days and I had no idea of what I should pursue. I was getting one kind of assignment, but I was interested in doing something else. I should have realized then that my priority was to find a firm footing and not get too adventurous.” he said, “I made several wrong decisions then and did not take up assignments that came my way. 

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