Meet Drisha Acharya: The Secret Weapon Behind the Success of Gadar 2, According to Sunny Deol

Gadar 2, the latest release film by Sunny Deol, has taken the box office by storm, breaking records and earning immense popularity among the audience

Sunny Deol has credited his daughter-in-law, Drisha Acharya, for bringing good luck to their lives and turning their fortunes around

Gadar 2 has created a tsunami at the box office, accumulating a staggering 13488 crores in its opening weekend alone.

The sequel to the blockbuster film Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, Gadar 2, continues the story of Tara Singh, played by Sunny Deol, and explores the challenges he faces in a modern-day setting

Drisha Acharya's influence on Gadar 2 extends beyond her role as Sunny Deol's daughter-in-law, with her presence being credited with bringing good luck to the film

The success of Gadar 2 has not only brought financial prosperity but also reconciled the Deol family, healing old wounds and strengthening family bonds

Gadar 2's record-breaking collection and positive reception from the audience have solidified Sunny Deol's position as a powerhouse performer

The success of Gadar 2 is a testament to the combined efforts of the entire cast and crew, as well as the positive influence of Drisha Acharya on the Deol family

Gadar 2's record-breaking collection and impact on Sunny Deol's career solidify its place as a landmark film in Indian cinema, with fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this captivating saga