Newlyweds Arbaaz Khan and Sshura Khan have released their latest pictures

Stay updated with the latest pictures of newlyweds Arbaaz Khan and Sshura Khan. Get a glimpse of their happy moments and beautiful journey together.

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Arbaaz Khan Sshura Khan

Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan, the makeup artist of Raveena Tandon, officially got married on December 24th. They had been in a relationship for some time and finally decided to commit to each other. The couple recently shared some beautiful moments from their wedding. Arbaaz Khan, who had previously split from Georgia Adriani, is now ready to spend his life with Shura Khan, a talented makeup artist in Bollywood. Let's take a look at the latest pictures of this new couple.

Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan grasp each other's hands in a gesture of eternal unity.

On December 24, the rumors of a marriage between Arbaaz Khan, a renowned Bollywood actor, and Shura Khan, makeup artist for Raveena Tandon, became a reality as the two finally tied the knot. The wedding ceremony took place at Arpita Khan's residence in Mumbai, with close friends and family members in attendance. The marriage was conducted according to traditional wedding customs. Fans had been eagerly anticipating a glimpse into their special day. Arbaaz has now embarked on a journey of commitment and love. The newly married couple have shared their precious moments from the official marriage on their Instagram account.

Arbaaz Khan's previous romantic involvement with another actress

Arbaaz Khan, a renowned figure in the Indian film industry, has had an eventful personal life. Shedding light on his past relationships, Arbaaz Khan tied the knot with the stunning actress Malaika Arora in 1998. Their marriage lasted for an impressive 17 years, a testament to their enduring bond. However, despite their long and beautiful journey together, the couple decided to part ways. Despite their separation, they continue to co-parent their son, Arhaan Khan, who was born in 2002. It was only in March 2016 that they made their separation public.

Following his split from Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan found love again in the arms of popular model and actress Georgia Adriani. However, news recently surfaced that the couple has decided to end their relationship. In a media interaction, Georgia Adriani confirmed their breakup, marking the end of their romantic journey.

Shura Khan, a skilled and well-known makeup artist, has gained popularity among the masses.

Shura Khan, a renowned and skilled makeup artist in Bollywood, has captivated the audience with her talent and charisma. She embarked on her successful journey at the age of 16, and her venture into the modeling world may be considered as one aspect of her diverse portfolio.

In 2013, Shura Khan made her debut in Bollywood with the popular film Aurangzeb, starring alongside actor Arjun Kapoor. Apart from her professional achievements, Shura Khan's personal life also garners attention due to her relationship with Bollywood actor and producer Arbaaz Khan.

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