Nora Fatehi shocking reveals, Celebs only married for fame and money, they are not in love

The latest shocking reveals from Nora Fatehi about celebrities who are only married for fame and money, without being truly in love. Explore the celebrity gossip and discussions on this trending topic.

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Nora Fatehi is one of the most beautiful and renowned actresses in the Bollywood industry. Recently the actress geared up for her latest success Madgaon Express. Apart from the incredible acting skills, her dance moves also impress the audience. In a recent media interaction, the actress made some shocking revelations about celebrity couples and their marriage. The actress discussed clout predators', who are using others to earn money, fame, and power. She also said that star couples get married only for clout. 


Nora Fatehi Talks About celebrity couples' marriage 

During a media chat, Nora Fatehi made some shocking relevance, She said,“Clout predators, they just want to use you for your fame. They can't be with me…that's why you don't see me running around with guys or dating... but I see it is happening in front of me. In the film Industry, people get married for clout. Nora, Nora said, Clout predators, they just want to use you for your fame. I have to marry that person so I can start relevant for the three years because she has a few films releasing and they were doing well at the Box office, so I  have got to ride that wave people are that calculative. Those are predators too.

Nora Fatehi discusses couples' obsession with power and money 


In the podcast, the actress said that they need some backup plan- plan A, plan b, and plan c...I don't understand sacrificing your personal;  life, mental health, and happiness because work is work, home life, and personal life are something else. You can't mix them because then you will never be happy. And then you will wonder why you are depressed and suicidal . she further added. 

Nora Fatehi's work front 

On the work front, Nora is a great dancer in the industry. The actress was last seen in Madgaon Express and Crakk.  

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