Poonam Pandey's death news: A life cut short

he manager of model Poonam Pandey has confirmed that she sadly passed away at the age of 32 due to cervical cancer.Learn more about her career and the condolences shared by her manager and colleagues.

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Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey, a well-known Indian actress and model, has tragically passed away at the age of 32 due to cervical cancer. This devastating news has left everyone in shock. On Friday, Poonam Pandey's official Instagram account posted about her untimely demise, causing further disbelief among her followers. It is a heartbreaking revelation that Poonam had been battling cervical cancer for a significant period of time.

Poonam Pandey's Instagram post

Poonam Pandey's manager has officially confirmed the news. Posted on Poonam Pandey's Instagram with a folded hands and heart emoji, the announcement stated, "This morning brings us great sadness. We are deeply devastated to inform you that we have tragically lost our beloved Poonam to cervical cancer. Anyone who had the privilege of crossing paths with her experienced nothing but genuine love and kindness. During this difficult time, we kindly request privacy as we cherish the memories we shared with her."

Poonam Pandey's early life

Poonam Pandey, an Indian actress, hails from Kanpur, India. Her journey in Bollywood commenced in 2013 with the movie Nasha, which was helmed by Amit Saxena. Additionally, she has featured in the Telugu film "Malini and Co."

Poonam Pandey's marriage

Poonam Pandey and Sam Bombay entered into wedlock on September 1, joining their lives as husband and wife. After a lengthy courtship, the couple decided to have a private ceremony to celebrate their love. Their engagement took place in July 2020, marking the beginning of their journey towards marriage.

Poonam Pandey in reality show

Poonam Pandey, a celebrated figure in the modeling industry, gained recognition for her participation in the reality show Lock Up, which was hosted by Kangana Ranaut. In a bold move, she made a promise to her fans that she would reveal her topless side if they succeeded in keeping her from being evicted.

Poonam Pandey Divorce

Poonam Pandey and Sam Bombay tied the knot in marriage. However, on September 11th, Pandey filed a complaint against Bombay, alleging that he had molested, threatened, and physically attacked her. As a result, Bombay was arrested on September 23, 2023.


Poonam Pandey, a renowned Indian actress and model, has gained significant recognition in the entertainment industry. With her beauty, talent, and captivating presence, she has made a name for herself in both film and modeling.In addition to her acting career, Poonam Pandey has also made waves in the modeling industry. Her stunning looks and confident demeanor have graced the covers of numerous magazines and earned her various brand endorsements.Poonam Pandey's journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

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