Priyanka Jonas reveals I Love My Job as she has strabbling between Hollywood and Bollywood both

Priyanka Jonas shares her love for her job as she navigates between Hollywood and Bollywood, showcasing her versatility and passion for acting on the global stage. Explore her journey in both industries.

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Priyanka Chopra

One of the renowned Bollywood actresses who has earned immense fame and love from both industry Bollywood and Hollywood. Recently the actress found an opportunity to work in different languages in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra was last seen in the Hollywood film Love Again and now the actress is promoting her next project, the nature documentary Tiger finds it exciting that her career straddling Hollywood and Bollywood also allows her to work in different languages. In a recent media interaction, the gorgeous actress talks about her career and her experience juggling Hollywood and Bollywood.


Priyanka Jonas associates herself with Tiger, why? 

The actress speaking about leading her voice to Tiger, said, So many hours of incredible filmmaking to be able to capture her family. The fact that this was disneynatureand they are making something on a tiger which is based in India and the story of a tigress and her journey. All of it was just right up her alley. She loved voice work. She said she has always enjoyed it. So that was another incentive. 

Priyanka reveals I Love My Job on her multitasking 


The actress put some light on her multitasking skills and revealed her job and said, "It's been a while that I've been straddling this. She said this is very exciting for me to be able to work in any language and to be able in two of the largest film industries in the world. She said, I love my job and I love the medium that I have been given, which is arts and to tell stories and to move people. 

Priyanka Chopra says I love real stories 

Talking to the media, the actress reveals that “I do enjoy real stories. She reveals that she gets very intrigued by everyday people and human beings around them.  She said, And I think with WOMB, and with my other Tiger movie and with ‘Born Hungry’, there is a theme I guess. I enjoy documentary filmmaking very much,” she added.

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