Saba Azad and Hrithik Roshan, a famous Bollywood couple, spotted holding hands.

Catch a glimpse of the popular Bollywood couple, Saba Azad and Hrithik Roshan, as they were spotted hand in hand at Mumbai Airport. Get all the details and stay updated with the latest celebrity news.

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Saba Azad and Hrithik Roshan

Hritik Roshan and Saba Azad at Mumbai Airpot

One of the beloved actors, Hritik Roshan, was seen at the airport with his partner, Saba Azad, after celebrating the new year. Saba Azad and our talented actor Hritik Roshan were spotted together, holding hands at Mumbai Airport. The couple returned to Mumbai after enjoying their New Year holidays. The charming pair was observed engaged in a meaningful conversation. Hritik and Saba are a well-known and lovely couple in the industry.

Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad were captured on camera at Mumbai Airport.

Our Fighter star Hritik Roshan and Saba Azad were seen walking together at Mumbai Airport. Dating rumors between Hritik Roshan and Saba Azad first emerged in January 2022, when they were spotted leaving a cafe while holding hands. They were again seen together at Karan Johar's 50th birthday bash. In October 2022, Hritik shared some precious moments with Saba for the first time on Instagram. Following all these events, the couple officially confirmed their relationship. Hritik Roshan and Saba Azad are considered the most adorable and cute couple in the industry. They always coordinate their outfits and continuously elevate their fashion style.

Hrithik Roshan's Professional Endeavors

Hritik Roshan, a renowned actor in the industry, is set to appear in the upcoming action thriller film "Fighter," directed by Siddharth Anand. Alongside him, Deepika Padukone will also be starring in the highly anticipated movie. "Fighter" is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2024, coinciding with Republic Day.

On the auspicious occasion of Deepika's birthday, Hrithik Roshan expressed his heartfelt wishes for her. ,"Happy Birthday Deepika Padukone! You truly exemplify the spirit of Fighter with the way  you persevere through every challenge and setback on your way to victory. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you - wishing you health happiness peace for this year and all the years to come. Soar high, Squad leader Minal Rathore.


Hritik Roshan and Saba Azad were photographed at Mumbai Airport. The actor sported a trendy and fashionable blue denim outfit, while Saba looked stunning in her black attire. They both appeared cool and attractive in their matching ensembles. Saba has been Hritik Roshan's girlfriend for a long time, and the duo is often seen together. The upcoming film "Fighter" starring Hritik Roshan has created a buzz on social media.

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