Salim Khan reacts to gun firing at Salman Khan's house, Gives Salman Y-plus security

Salim Khan reacts to the gun firing incident at Salman Khan's house and discusses the increase in security measures to ensure the safety of his son. Get all the details on this news development.

By Parul
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One of the stars Salman Khan recently talked of the town because of gunfire in his house. Days Later, Salma kHna's father veteran screenwriter Salim Khan reacts to the firing news. Salim Khan also lives in the same building. Two unidentified individuals on a motorcycle fired multiple rounds outside Galaxy Apartments, where Khan resides. However, there is no injury. However, Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde personally met with Salman Khan and assured him of heightened security measures. 


Salim Khan Reacts to Firing News

Salim Khan father of Salman Khan reacted to the residential firing news and said,  What’s there to talk about? These illiterate people say you’ll learn your lesson when we’ll kill you. We’ve been given extra police protection. They Have assured protection for us and our friends. If they’ve arrested two people today, that means they’re on it.” There is nothing to fear. The matter is now with the police. The Maharashtra government has assured full protection. Salman will continue his schedule as usual.”

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde meet with Salman Khan 


On Tuesday, Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde visited Salman Khan's residency. Following his meeting he said,  “I have assured Salman Khan that the government stands behind him, and his safety is the government’s responsibility. He also stated that the Maharashtra Government will ensure that no one dares to do such an act in Mumbai. ,” as reported by PTI. “This is Maharashtra, no gang is left here. He stated that Be it Lawrence Bishnoi or anyone else, we would eliminate him. Any kind of Bullying by anyone will not work in Maharashtra We will uproot all the ganas and goons. Hooliganism will not be allowed to continue. If any gang is to be found involved in this, they will not saved. Strict actions will be taken. we uproot all the gangs and take action who will try to harm people in the state 

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