Shark Tank India 3's Vineeta Singh now reacts on fake death and arrest news

Vineeta Singh, a contestant on Shark Tank India 3, addresses the spread of fake news regarding her death and arrest. Learn more about her response to these false rumors.

By Parul
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Vineeta Singh

Shark Tank India 3's member Vineeta Singh talks about a serious matter and concerns about it. The Shark took to her social media handle to update her fans about a distressing situation she has been dealing with for the last few weeks. Vineeta Singh said that I was dealing with fake death news and arrest and after several complaints to competent authorities, I have seen no results. Vineet Singh is a popular contestant of Shark Tank India and last week some news about her surfaced on the Internet. 


Shark Tank India's Vineeta Singh reacts on fake news

Taking to her Social media handle, Vineeta Singh mentioned that she has been dealing with paid PR who has spread fake news about her death and arrest. The reports have continued to surface for the last 5 weeks. However, At first, she avoids them after that she reacts to Meta and the Mumbai Cyber Police, but nothing helps. She said that The worst part of dealing with this is when people call her mother to verify the news. Vineeta Tweets, “Been dealing with paid PR about my death & my arrest for 5 weeks. Ignored it at first, then reported to @Meta several times, and filed a @Mum_CyberPolice complaint but it’s not stopping. The hardest part is when folks panic & call my mom. A few of the posts are below. Any suggestions?”

Fan's reaction to the tweet 

After seeing Vineet Singh's tweet Fans flooded the comment section. Reacting to the post One user commented, “This is so scary, hope things get sorted out soon!”. Another commented, “Yes there is a whole series of similar fake news running on @Facebook”. Another fan wrote, That He also saw some similar death posts on social media, he was a bit confused and then understood fake.

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