Surbhi Chandna: Singing for Beau Karan Sharma in Her New Wedding Teaser

Catch all the latest Bollywood gossip surrounding Surbhi Chandna as she surprises beau Karan Sharma by showcasing her singing skills in their new wedding teaser. Stay tuned for more updates.

By Ravindra
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Surbhi Chandna

Surbhi Chandna, a popular Indian television actress, has recently shared a teaser of her upcoming wedding with her beau Karan Sharma. The teaser has generated a lot of buzz and excitement among their fans. In this article, we will delve into the details of Surbhi Chandna's singing for Karan Sharma in her new wedding teaser and explore the significance of this special moment.

The Wedding Teaser

The wedding teaser released by Surbhi Chandna showcases her singing talent as she dedicates a song to her beloved Karan Sharma. The teaser begins with a romantic setting, with Surbhi dressed in a beautiful bridal attire. As the music starts playing, Surbhi's melodious voice fills the air, captivating the audience.

Surbhi's Singing Talent

Surbhi Chandna, known for her acting prowess, has displayed her singing talent in this teaser. Her soulful voice and emotive rendition of the song have left fans mesmerized. Surbhi's ability to effortlessly switch between acting and singing further showcases her versatility as an artist.

The Song Dedication

The song dedicated by Surbhi Chandna to Karan Sharma in the wedding teaser holds a special significance in their relationship. It is a heartfelt expression of love and commitment, adding a personal touch to their wedding celebrations. Surbhi's choice of song reflects her emotions and feelings for Karan, making it even more special.

Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma: A Love Story

Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma's love story has been the talk of the town. They met on the sets of a television show and instantly clicked. Over time, their bond grew stronger, and they soon realized they were meant to be together. Surbhi and Karan's chemistry both on-screen and off-screen has always been admired by their fans.

The Proposal

Karan Sharma's proposal to Surbhi Chandna was nothing short of a fairytale. He planned a romantic dinner date at their favorite restaurant and surprised Surbhi with a beautiful ring. Surbhi was overwhelmed with joy and immediately said yes. The couple's engagement was a private affair attended by close friends and family.

Wedding Preparations

Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma have been actively involved in their wedding preparations. From selecting the perfect venue to choosing the theme and decor, the couple has left no stone unturned to make their special day memorable. Surbhi's singing performance in the wedding teaser adds a personal touch to the celebrations and showcases their attention to detail.

Fan Reactions

Since the release of the wedding teaser, fans have flooded social media with their reactions and excitement. Surbhi Chandna's fans, in particular, have expressed their love and support for the couple. Many have praised Surbhi's singing talent and eagerly await the wedding festivities. The teaser has created a buzz and anticipation for the grand event.


Surbhi Chandna's singing for Karan Sharma in her new wedding teaser has added a unique and personal touch to their upcoming nuptials. Surbhi's melodious voice and emotional rendition of the song have resonated with fans, further strengthening their love and support. As the wedding day approaches, fans eagerly await the grand celebration and wish the couple a lifetime of happiness together.

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