Taapsee Pannu talks about her behaviour, says Sorry but I can’t be Lajvanti'

Taapsee Pannu's thoughts on her behaviour and her refusal to conform to societal expectations with our article. Get insights into her perspective on being unapologetically herself.

By Parul
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One of the celebrated actresses Taapsee Pannu recently talked about the town during her secret marriage ceremony with her alleged boyfriend Mathias Boe. Taapsee Pannu is one of the most talented actresses of Bollywood and she is known for her incredible acting skills and blunt personality. The actress has given many remarkable performances in several acclaimed projects over the years. Now Taapsee Pannu's public appearances on many occasions and events capture the audience's attention following her face-off with the paparazzi. In a recent interview, Taapsee said that she is being real, real’ and expects ‘mutual respect. She also said to coin a new term for actors overly sweet with the paps as ‘Lajvanti.


Taapsee Pannu talks about Paps and their behavior

In a recent media interaction, Taapsee talks about her bittersweet behavior with the paps. The actress mentioned that all she expects mutual respect. Taapsee said that while Papas may consider me to be difficult, She is just being real. As a pap if you talk to her, and she will have a conversation, but if you press her buttons saying, Your last film didn't work, how does it feel? We have been waiting for so long, give us a photo at least, then Taapsse is not going to indulge you. There needs to be mutual respect. Taapsee gives an example of Lajvanti actors and their dynamics who try to be overtly submissive and sweet with whatever paps are saying, and just laugh it off while acting dumb which is considered cute adorable, and sweet.  The actress declared, “Sorry, but I can’t be Lajvanti.”If you shove the camera in my face without my consent at places where I’m not in a professional capacity. I feel I am allowed to have a life beyond my work as an entertainer, too,” Taapsee was quoted as saying.

Taapsee Pannu's work front

On the professional front, Taapsee announces is next will be seen in Khel Khel Mein, which is released on 6 September 2024 alongside Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan, Pragya Jaiswal, Vaani Kapoor, Ammy Virk, and others. 

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