Vidya Balan reveals gender bias n bollywood industry

The insights shared by Vidya Balan on the prevalent gender bias in the Bollywood industry. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced and the importance of gender equality in the film industry.

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With over two decades of illustrious career, Vidya Balan made herself one of the best actors of the contemporary era. She is one of the most talented actresses and gives many box office hits to the industry. Vidya Balan has also been an outspoken advocate on various issues. The actress several times spoke about the industry and talked about her experience in the Bollywood industry. Once again the actress reveals gender bias in the Bollywood industry, during a media chat. She also revealed that many times she faces opposition from male co stars when it comes to sharing highlights and many more time. 


Vidya Balan talks about gender bias in Bollywood 

In a recent media discussion, The Do Aur Do Pyaar actress highlights the incessant gender bias in the Bollywood industry. The actress openly talked about it and said   "Back in the day?  The actress said I don't think they'd be okay even today to star in a Vidya Balan film or a female-led film for that matter. The actress further added, It's their loss honestly because we are doing better films than they are. I genuinely believed that. They are doing more formulae-based films, women le films are far more exciting. 

Vidya Balan unfazed by male stars' uncomfortably with female leads 


The actress further added, Of course, people have been appreciative, but male stars are uncomfortable with women taking center stage. But I never felt bad. I was like, if they are treated, what can I do? 

Vidya Balan's work front 

On the work front, The actress is popular and talented in Bollywood. The actress worked in numerous female-led films including No One Killed Jessica (2011), Kahaani (2012), and The Dirty Picture (2011). Now the actress will next be seen in Do Aur Do Pyaar alongside Pratik Gandhi. The film is scheduled to hit the screen on 19 April 2024. 

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