Jonny Bairstow (wk)

First Name: Jonathan
Last Name: Bairstow
Batting Style: Right Hand
Bowling Style:
Player Type: Wicketkeeper
Date of Birth: 26 Sep, 1989
Test debut: 17 May, 2012
ODI debut: 16 Sep, 2011
T20 debut: 23 Sep, 2011

"Enthusiastic beyond belief"

It is to cricket's great credit that Jonny Bairstow decided to follow in his father's footsteps and play the game professionally rather than either rugby or football. He was installed at the Leeds United football academy for seven years and could have made it. Instead he took up a place at Yorkshire and hasn't regretted the decision. His Test career has been up and down so far with the high of 95 against South Africa in 2012 and the low of being dropped for the final game of the 2013 Ashes. A useful wicketkeeper as well as middle-order batsman. He doesn't need the gloves though to be good in the field, he has some of the safest hands in the game, and is both one of the fastest and fittest players in the game. In a series of tests and drills designed to work out which sport provided the best athletes, Bairstow beat both rugby and football players to come out on top. With a shock of ginger hair he is called 'Bluey' by teammates like his dad, former Yorkshire and England stumper David was 'Ron Weasley' of Harry Potter fame.

Since his Test debut in 2012, Bairstow has been in and out of the England team. His unbeaten 167 against Sri Lanka a highlight, along with two other Test centuries.

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