Emma Stone's custom peach Louis Vuitton gown for the BAFTAs 2024 required over 450 hours to make

Emma Stone stunned in a custom peach Louis Vuitton gown at the 2024 BAFTAs. Discover how this exquisite gown, which took over 450 hours to make, stole the show.

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Emma Stone, a renowned Hollywood actress, stunned everyone on the red carpet last night in a stunning peach gown by Louis Vuitton. The actress, known for her beauty and talent, never fails to impress with her fashion choices. She effortlessly exudes elegance and fierceness in every outfit she wears. At the BAFTA Film Awards, Emma Stone once again showed her impeccable style by choosing a breathtaking peach gown that oozed sophistication and class. This talented diva not only captivates audiences with her versatile acting skills but also knows how to make a statement with her fashion sense. Emma Stone continues to prove why she is one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood.

Emma Stone's elegant Peach Coloured gown look 

The La La Land actress recently attended BAFTAs 2024 and went with a stylish and vibrant peach coloured gown look. The actress looking so elegant in peach Louis Vuitton gown. The pretty Gown had a one shoulder asymmetric neckline with a stylish embellished bustier. The gown also had a statement cloud like balloon sleeve that made it look spectacular.The gown had also made of silk Jacquard and had a transparent looking textured chiffon skirt which created a blent of two Luxurious ensembles. The classy gown had a padded band around the lower edge which provided it with a vintage look. The extravagant gown had extra flair and drama witha side of sass which was perfect for the BAFTA Awards.In fact, this custom piece took more than 450 hours to make.

Emma Stone's captivating accessories

Emma Stone, the stunning diva, effortlessly enhanced her appearance with a touch of extravagance and glamour. To complete her ensemble, Emma opted for a magnificent necklace, earrings, and rings from Louis Vuitton's High Jewellery collection, all adorned with yellow gold, platinum, and diamonds. Complementing her look, she wore stylish rose gold heels that added a harmonious appeal. These carefully chosen accessories elevated Emma's overall look, making her even more beautiful and captivating.

Adorable hairstyle and classy makeup

Emma Stone decided to opt for an updo and transform her dark locks into a striking bun inspired by the styles of the 1900s. The natural waves of her hair elegantly framed her face, adding to the overall sophistication of her look. To complement her hairstyle, Emma chose to go for a glamorous makeup look. She carefully shaped her eyebrows, applied a subtle eyeshadow, enhanced her lashes, and added a vibrant peachy blush. The finishing touch was an edgy dark pink lipstick. Emma's stunning makeup accentuated the allure of her entire outfit for the awards ceremony.


Emma Stone's custom peach Louis Vuitton gown for the BAFTAs 2024 was an exquisite masterpiece that required over 450 hours of meticulous craftsmanship to bring to life. The gown, designed specifically for Emma Stone, showcased her timeless elegance and impeccable style on the red carpet. Every intricate detail of the dress was carefully handcrafted, from the delicate beading to the flawless stitching. The soft and ethereal peach color of the gown perfectly complemented Emma Stone's complexion, enhancing her natural beauty and radiance.

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