​Solar Water Pump : 1 HP to 10 HP Solar Water Pump Price in India

Solar Water Pump Price


​Solar Water Pump : 1 HP to 3 HP Solar Water Pump Price in India


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  1. Solar Water Pump
  2. Types of solar pump
  3. 1HP Solar Water Pump
  4. 1.5HP Solar Water Pump
  5. 2HP Solar Water Pump
  6. 3HP Solar Water Pump
  7. Advantage of Solar Pump
  8. Solar Pump Manufactures

Solar Water Pump

The solar water pump also know as solar pumping system, solar submersible pump or solar pump, a water lifting system powered with electricity generated by solar panel.
Solar pump directly connects with solar panel through a mppt solar pump controller. Whenever sunlight drops on solar panel, solar submersible pump starts lifting the water from ground.

There is no electricity required to run this solar pump. Even using solar power pump is more economical where grid electricity is not available.
These pumps mostly uses by farmers for irrigation of farming land and horticulture farms. Solar pump can be use for fountain, swimming pool pump, water circulation pump, mono-block home pump and other similar applications.

Major Components of Solar Pump
  • Solar panel which generate power.
  • Controller which controls the system.
  • Motor pump to lift the water.

Types of Solar Pump

There are many types of solar pump, but only two types are most successful. One is submersible solar pump and another is surface pump. Both pump come in DC and AC technology.

Solar Submersible Pump
Where the depth of water level is more than 15 meter, submersible pump is recommended. This pump keeps inside the water and lift it out.  Solar submersible pump is the most selling pump in India as the depth of water level is very low in maximum areas.

Solar Surface Pump
If the depth of water is less than 15 meter and you want to lift to ground or above the ground level, Solar surface is recommended.

Solar AC & DC Pump
Our solar AC & DC water pump is in high demand due to its innovative mechanical design and impeccable quality. It is available in all size range. Our solar motor pumps are manufactured from the superlative quality raw material using premier manufacturing technology. They encompass both optimum performance and excellent quality. Our solar DC submersible water pump is anti-corrosion nature and provides high wear resistance it reduces the running costs due to its high pumping efficiency and longevity. It can work continuously for a longer period of time without any trouble. 

MNRE Approved Solar Pump
Our solar pump have MNRE Approved Certificate by the Government. 
it is best for irrigation of small farms, green house, domestic use, spraying, lifting of water from, open well, pond, bore well, transfer of fluid. No fuel cost. Easy installation.eco friendly.

Solar Pumps that facilitates clients in diverse industry verticals, with uninterrupted water supply.Based on most sophisticated technology these ranges of Solar Pumps are reputed for ecofriendly, durable and corrosive resistant. We offer both domestic and industrial pumps.

 1 HP Solar Water Pump

1.5 HP Solar Water Pump
2 HP Solar Water Pump
3 HP Solar Water Pump
Advantage of Solar Pump
  1. Low maintenance because once installed it does not incur the recurring cost.
  2. Do not require any fuel or electricity to operate.
  3. Stand alone pumping system and does not required any grid, batteries.
  4. Cannot be affected by power cuts, low voltage, single phase problems or the motor burning.
  5. Solar Pump can be installed in rural areas where electricity is not available.
  6. No lubricants are used for operation. So, no chances of soil contamination.
  7. Easy to install and operate.
  8. An investment for 25-30 years.

Solar Pump Manufacturers

Solar water pumps are specially designed to lift water for irrigation, horticulture farms, gardens, drinking and other similar applications. These solar powered water pumps are best alternatives for areas where there is no electricity or scarcity of power supply. Easy Photovoltaic solar water pump systems can be easily installed and requires minimum maintenance. We manufacture and supply various models of solar water pumps, solar submersible water pumps and the specially designed modules of the system can withstand extreme weather conditions such as storm, rain and dust and are impact resistant. 

Our company continues to focus on the technology research. We have varied interests in dealing with wide range of solar products such as Solar Pumps. We make product research and development and customer service for our own core competitiveness. We make it our own responsibility to enhance partners' product competitiveness and innovation capacity. Therefore, we get deep trust and strong support from well-known customers and suppliers.

Steps to Choose Best Solar Pump
  • Calculate your water consumption.
  • Know the depth of water level.
  • Decide the capacity of water pump.
  • Select the type of water pump
  • Place an order for solar pump
  • Get it installed and enjoy.

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