​Staying at home can be made fun, time to invest in yourself during Corona Isolation

Gyms are closed, schools and colleges are closed, cinema halls are shut, it is not safe to go to a restaurant, social gatherings are a strict no- no, tourists spots are highly prone to the virus. As the corona virus pandemic spreads, self isolation or self quarantine is the need of the hour. This 14 day stay at home is necessary to fight this disease and control its spread in the country.
What to do then when we all are stuck indoors?
It is the best time to invest in one self. As Ellen Burstyn has rightly said, "What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be."
Our lives have become so busy being a part of this rat race; rarely do we get a chance to spend time with our own self, our families, and our loved ones. 
'Being positive is the mantra'. All the silver linings and thus one should consider this self isolation time as bonus time received to do all those productive things that we miss doing in our day to day lives.
Bollywood play a very important role in our lives today. We all look upto our favourite bollywood stars. These stars influence our lives to a great extent. So why not follow them even now? These stars are sharing various videos socially advising their fans on how they can utilise this stay at home time in the best possible way.
Katrina Kaif shared a video where she showed her fans how to keep themselves fit being at home. Alia Bhatt has indulged herself in board games with her sister, Harshvardhan Kapoor is binge watching his favourite movies, Deepika is keeping herself busy with her skin care, Bebo is eating her favourite dessert while Saif has found company in his books. Basically it is "ME" time for everyone.
One should realise, we all are stuck in a rut with a solid daily routine. Surely these routines help to get shit done, but now is the time to slowdown, break all those routines and enjoy this hustle free period without using any brain power. Ditch that 9-5 hour mindset and no more rushing from one thing to another.
And do remember, Stay Calm and Don't Panic. We all are together in this one!


Source : News Helpline

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