​Tahira Kashyap Reveals Sonali Bendre As Her Inspiration

Ayushmann Khurrana's wife Tahira Kashyap last year was diagnosed with cancer. She recently was called to speak at the Jivisha organised by NGO Gulmohar Maitri. At the event, Tahira said one has to have inspiration to inspire others.

Kashyap revealed she has now taken it upon herself to spread awareness about breast cancer. “It is important to have an inspiration because then, you can become an inspiration for others. I remember a year back, I had read Sonali Bendre’s post where she had shared what she was going through. I was like ‘Wow, this woman is so brave”.
After she was diagnosed, Tahira first chose not to share her story, she said, "I had decided that I wouldn’t share my struggle because it was breast cancer and there was mastectomy and reconstruction involved, too. I had decided to keep it away from the world for the longest time, but a few things like conversation with doctors, frequent trips to the hospital and interacting with several patients, made me decide that I

wanted to talk about this and raise awareness. It was a wakeup call for me because there is nothing more important than life. The idea is to instil awareness, not fear,”
While she was battling cancer, Tahira realised self-love was the important quality she needed to heal and recover. She also shared it was shocking to find feeling guilty is a common thing among cancer patients. She added, "to feel guilty for having brought this disease upon themselves. Not having enough support system and a congenial environment to survive and recover is very difficult, too,”

Tahira was applauded for sharing her story on social media by fans and other Bollywood celebrities.

Source : News Helpline

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