Cristiano Ronaldo Will Be No More Associated With Club Real Madrid, Know Reason Here
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Cristiano Ronaldo Will Be No More Associated With Club Real Madrid, Know Reason Here


Cristiano Ronaldo has a good name in the world of football and every club is ready to add him in their respective club. In the FIFA World Cup 2018, Ronaldo's team, Portugal, could not perform much better and was out of this World Cup. After being out of this World Cup, Ronaldo has announced the break of his relation with his 9 years old club Real Madrid. After this decision, Ronaldo's fans was little surprised with his strange decision. After leaving Madrid, Ronaldo is now connected to the Juventus Club of Italy for 4 years. Ronaldo has tied up with this club with a signing amount of approx Rs 1,770 crore.

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Out of this, there is a transfer fee of more than Rs 800 crores, which the new club will give to Real Madrid. After the new agreement, Ronaldo will be given a salary of around 250 crores annually. After this agreement, Ronaldo has joined the list of the sixth most expensive transfer player in football history. This player is currently ruling in the world of football. This player has made several records by playing on behalf of Madrid. On the arrival of Ronaldo in the Madrid Club, the player's contribution has been very much for the club. The Harmara Club will always stay home for this player. Real Madrid have accepted this decision and accepted the idea of Ronaldo of switching ​​ to another club.

This player has scored 451 goals for our club so far. We won the title of fifth champions league by this player. According to reports, Ronaldo is angry with his club and has already talked about leaving the club many times. But Ronaldo had said playing for Real Madrid was a memorable for him.

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Ronaldo now has scored 7 goals in 15 matches and he has played 4 world cups so far. In the Forbes 2018 list, Ronaldo was ranked third in the list of the world's richest football player. According to the reports, Ronaldo's foot insurance is being said to be around Rs.1000 crores.

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