Make time from your busy schedule and travel Chirmiri Chhattisgarh
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Make time from your busy schedule and travel Chirmiri Chhattisgarh


If you want to roam a place where you get less crowd, and you get the beauty of nature too. Than Chirmiri of Chhattisgarh is a perfect destination for you, where you can enjoy weekends to make your mind fresh . All the greenery, the falling water from the mountains, and many other tourist spots attracts the attention .So make time from your busy schedule and roam Chirmiri once

In the holy month of Savan visit such temples to please Lord Shiva

Chirimiri Locations

Lord Jagannath Temple

Workers from Puri were called to build this temple, and the structure of this temple is quite similar to the Jagannath temple of Puri.


This temple is located in Haldibari, just a kilometer away.


The goddess of Kali is considered as Shaktipeeth, Bagappara, which is located in Baratunga.

Cave temples

If you are going to this hill station, than definitely visit Goddess Cave Temple. Apart from the overwhelming reverence of the devotees, its texture also attracts people especially.

Mahamaya Temple in Ratanpur

One of the 52 Shaktipeeth of India is the Mayamaya temple. Who is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati. This temple was built in the 12-13 century by King Ratnadeva. There is also a temple of Shiva and Hanuman ji in the temple premises.

Go and roam Lavasa hill station in this romantic weather

Amritdhara waterfall

Amritdhara is in Manendragarh, 38 km away from Chirmiri. Which is especially known as picnic spot. There is also a Shiva temple near the waterfall.

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