12 Thai boys trapped in cave are not yet ready to make complex dive out
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12 Thai boys trapped in cave are not yet ready to make complex dive out


MAE SAI: The 12 Thai young men caught in a give in are not yet prepared to make the mind boggling plunge out, the administrator of the save mission said early Saturday, in spite of the fact that conjecture substantial downpours could accelerate their extraction endeavor. "The young men are not suitable...(they) can't jump right now," Narongsak Osottanakorn, who is driving the task, told correspondents soon after 12 pm in English. "Presently the issue is the kids' status to jump."

Narongsak, a previous legislative head of northern Chiang Rai region where the buckle is found, said there were no plans to pull the young men and their mentor out medium-term yet in the event that storm downpours fell and water ascended in the Tham Luang give in finished the coming days they could change their plans.

Thailand's Navy SEAL leader prior said rescuers may have "restricted time" to endeavor the precarious activity of getting the gathering out, the main authority affirmation enduring the rainstorm time frame in the give in may not be conceivable.

Be that as it may, the way to flexibility is enormously unsafe for the young men, some of whom can't swim and have no scuba involvement in a domain with low perceivability that puzzles even the most talented. An accomplished previous Thai Navy Seal helping with the safeguard passed on in the wake of coming up short on oxygen on Friday, raising feelings of dread that it was a long way from alright for the children to make the endeavor.

The round outing all through the surrender to come to the young men can take an exceedingly gifted jumper around 11 hours. In any case, some included have brought up that the group has been in Tham Luang before they and their mentor went in on June 23 and were caught by floodwater, so the recognizable territory may help.

They have been getting fundamental preparing in breathing through jumping hardware after they were situated on a sloppy dike somewhere inside the buckle on Monday night, looking emaciated and feeble. The adventure has enamored Thailand and whatever remains of the world as rescuers battled to direct out monstrous amounts of water to help make jumping less demanding.

In spite of the fact that mellow climate has held, light rains grabbed again on Friday. Guardians of the caught youngsters have kept long vigils at the campground, which has overflowed with media and protect laborers.

In any case, families have just possessed the capacity to get notification from their youngsters through film transferred to the Thai Navy Seal Facebook page.Messages of help for the "Wild Boars" group have rolled in from over the world, incorporating from football stars in Russia for the World Cup.

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