15 July 2018 !! France won FIFA World Cup title for the second time
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15 July 2018 !! France won FIFA World Cup title for the second time


In Luzhniki Stadium,Moscow FIFA played on Sunday where France second time won the match . In the match played between Croatia and France, France has defeated Croatia by 4-2 and has won the FIFA World Cup 2018 title. After 20 years France again became World Champion. France has been successful in winning the World Cup for the second time. Lastly he won first World Cup in 1998.

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After the start of the game, in the 19th minute, Croatia made a self-goal and gave France 1-0 ahead. Antony Griezmann took the free-kick and the head of the trumpet sent the ball in his own net. For Croatia in the 28th minute, Ivan Perisic scored the goal equal to the team. France got penalties in the 38th minute and Griezmann made France 2-1 ahead. Half time the score was 2-1 in favor of France.

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After Half Time, both the teams got a tough competition. In the 61st minute, Paul Pogba scored a brilliant kick and made France the lead 3-1. Six minutes later Kylian Mbappe made France 4-1 ahead. Croatia's Manjukik took advantage of the mistake of the French goalkeeper Hugo Loris and scored his second goal for the team. After this the goal was not completed and the French team was successful in becoming the world champion for the second time.

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