16 countries to compete in Red Bull Reign world finals

More than 2,500 athletes and over 650 teams from 16 countries have competed over the last six months in the Red Bull Reign qualifying events to reach the world finals.

The offensive packed 3-on-3 world final competition will feature top teams from Angola, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Hong Kong, India, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, The Netherlands, Turkey, Taiwan and the UK.

Teams across the women's and men's division will square off in a unique format that tests one's endurance, skill, teamwork, and ability to own the half court flat out.

Northern Spartans from Amritsar triumphed in the first ever India finals of Red Bull Reign and earned the glorious opportunity of travelling to Toronto to represent the nation at the the World Finals.

Amritpal Singh from Northern Spartans said: "We are elated to be the first India Champions of Red Bull Reign. Energy drink Giant Red Bull is doing a great job in promoting 3x3 basketball in the country and it is definitely giving wings to young basketball players to participate and showcase their talent."

"Tournaments like Red Bull Reign are helping in redefining the future of 3x3 basketball in our country. We look forward to travel to Canada and compete against top teams across the world. We hope we make our country proud," he added.



Source : ians

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