5 very embarrassing records of World Cup history that nobody wants to break, see also

The world's biggest and respected tournament, that is, the World Cup is going to start very soon. This time the World Cup will be played in England between May 30 and July 17. Like this defeat, this time too many old records in the World Cup will be breaking down. However, there are some embarrassing records that every player would want to avoid.

5) Extra run

The record for the highest run in the World Cup is recorded by the Scottish team. In the 1999 World Cup, Scotland had looted 59 runs in the form of extracts in a match against Pakistan.

4) Highest run by a bowler

The West Indian fast bowler Jason Holder is named after the record of the highest score by a bowler in the World Cup match. The holder had given 104 runs in 10 overs against South Africa during the 2015 World Cup. The main thing is that the holder also had 2 Maidan overs in the match.

3) Worst over

The record of the highest run-scorer in an over in the World Cup is the name of Don Bang of Holland. In the World Cup 2007, Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa, Don Bang took 36 runs in over with six sixes.

2) Smallest Team Run score

Canada has the record of making the smallest total of the World Cup in the World Cup. In 2003 World Cup, against Sri Lanka, the entire total was allocated to 36 runs.

1) Most Duck

Nathan Astle, who has been named New Zealand's greatest batsman in the World Cup, is most often dismissed for the dismissal. Estel played 22 World Cup matches in his career, out of which he was dismissed 5 times.

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