5.9-Magnitude Earthquake Felt: Tokyo
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5.9-Magnitude Earthquake Felt: Tokyo


A 5.9-extent quake hit Japan Saturday evening outside of Tokyo, influencing structures in the capital, however no wave cautioning was issued. The shudder hit at 8:23 pm (1123 GMT), at a profundity of 39 kilometers (24 miles), off the east shoreline of Honshu, Japan, the US Geological Survey said. Japan's meteorological office said no torrent cautioning was being issued.

There were no prompt reports of harm after the shudder, a moderately uncommon solid tremor to hit the capital. Occupants in part of the Chiba area outside Tokyo detailed solid tremors, with some maxim the shaking had thumped objects from racks, however there were no prompt wounds revealed. Open supporter NHK said no variations from the norm had been identified at atomic offices in the locale.

A representative for Narita airplane terminal outside the capital said the shudder had constrained a concise suspension of tasks. "We incidentally shut the runways yet continued task in the wake of affirming there was no harm. The shake was genuinely solid yet there was no frenzy at the airplane terminal," he told AFP. The shudder comes half a month after a dangerous tremor shook the Osaka district, killing five individuals and harming more than 350.

Japan sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire" where a significant number of the world's seismic tremors and volcanic ejections are recorded. On March 11, 2011, an overwhelming 9.0-extent shudder struck under the Pacific Ocean, and the subsequent tidal wave caused across the board harm and asserted a large number of lives. It likewise sent three reactors into emergency at the Fukushima atomic plant, causing Japan's most exceedingly terrible after war debacle and the most genuine atomic mishap since Chernobyl in 1986.

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