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Revealed: Michel wanted to avoid the deal of Rafale aircraft, was doing haggling in 2011

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National| The fight between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress is going on from the road to the Parliament due to alleged disturbances in the Rafale Aircraft Deal. Meanwhile a new case related to Rafale has emerged. Meanwhile, when the former UPA government was dealing with the Rafale aircraft, the Christian Michel, a middleman in the VVIP helicopter Augusta Westland deal, was betting against the Rafale aircraft in 2011.

When asked about the purchase of 126 Medium Multi Roll Aircraft from India in 2007, many companies have had bid. Then, in front of Rafale of France, there were 5 companies in this feud. By 2011 only two aircraft were face-to-face, one is Dassault Rafale and the second is Eurofighter Typhoon. Christian Mitchel was in the ground by the Eurofighter typhoon.

According to documents present with the media, the evidence from Italy's intermediary Guido Haschke's house included Christian Michel and Guido Haschke, who were lobbying for Typhoon.

According to the paper, Michel and her partner were saying that there are only 3 candidates for this work, only one of them is available. It has been said that in addition to the leaders, the three chiefs of Air Force need to celebrate, including Chief of Air Command, Air Officer Maintenance and Chief of Engineering.

Significantly, Christian Mitchel Augusta is in the custody of CBI and ED in connection with the Westland deal, whereas Guido Haschke is also the same middleman whose name was included in the deal.

Let me tell you that on Wednesday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had also tensed the issue related to the Lok Sabha. When the paper's airplanes were being flown by Arun Jaitely on behalf of Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, then Jaitley was tensed that I think the planes are being blown in the memory of the Eurofighter.

It is also worth noting that the Eurofighter aircraft make up the multinational company of the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. The Finmeccanica Company of Italy, which makes the AgustaWestland helicopter, has a 21 per cent share in the Eurofighter consortium.

LIVE: Big announcement of Modi government, 10% reservation for economically backward upper caste

Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi government took a big decision. In the Union Cabinet meeting on Monday, it has been decided that 10 percent reservation will now be given to the upper caste. These reservations will be given to economically weaker sections. Let us tell you that the way the Government of India overturned the decision of the Supreme Court over the SC / ST act in 2018, it was being told that the upper caste people were angry.

It is believed that on Tuesday, Modi Government can present the Constitution Amendment Bill in Parliament. Let us tell you that on Tuesday the Parliament's last day of the winter session. The person who has more property than the fixed limit will not get the benefit of this amendment.

Let us tell you that the Modi government is bringing this reservation on an economic basis, which has no system in the Constitution. In the Constitution, there has been talk of reservations on the basis of caste, in which the government has to amend the constitution to implement it. This decision of the government is being linked to the Lok Sabha elections.

The government will soon change the constitution for this. For this, changes in Article 15 and Article 16 of the Constitution will be made. Changing both the article will give way to clear reservations on economic basis.

Let us tell you that last year when the Supreme Court had ordered the change in the SC / ST Act, then the Dalits had protest throughout the country. In view of which the central government had changed the decision of the Supreme Court. It was believed that from the decision of the Modi government upper caste become angry, after the 'Bharat Bandh' of the Dalits, the upper castes also called for a 'Bharat bandh'.

Hurry up! Settle all your necessary Bank work within few hours: 2 day Bank Strike

Business| If you have any necessary work in the bank, then settle them off within a few hours because this may cause difficulty for you in two days to come. In fact, on the next two days i.e., on January 8 and 9, some employees of the public sector banks will go on strike. Due to this strike, the work of banks is likely to be affected. In such a situation, the problem of people can increase. However, this will not affect the functioning of the private sector banks. Let us tell you that in December also the bank employees had strike. Because of this, the banks were closed for 5 days from the last 10 days of the last month.

This decision has been taken in support of the proposed strike on the call of 10 union labor organizations against the alleged anti-government policies of the government. IDBI Bank had told the Bombay Stock Exchange yesterday that the All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) and the Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI) have informed the Indian Bank Association about the nationwide strike of eight and nine January.

Bank of Baroda has informed the Bombay Stock Exchange separately that due to AIBEA and BEFI strike on 8th and 9th January, due to strike in some areas, the functioning of branches and offices of banks can be affected. Ten central labor organizations Intake, Attock, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, AIFTTU, UTUC, TUCC, LPF and service also called for a nationwide strike on 8th and 9th January.

However, Ashwin Rana, Vice President of the Banking Union National Association of Bank Workers (NOBW) affiliated to the Indian Labor Union (BMS) said that BMS is not involved in this strike because it is a political strike. Therefore, other unions related to the NOBW will not be involved in the strike.

Trump refrain on border wall construction, warned of declaring National Emergency

International| US President Donald Trump is stuck on funding for wall construction on the US-Mexico border. Due to this, the country is undergoing a system of work, which is its third week. Apart from this, Trump has also warned to declare a National Emergency in case of failure of funding.

However, coming out of the White House to Camp David on discussions with officials, Trump said on Sunday, 'We will build the wall. We are truing, that this wall will become of steel." Trump said, 'This is a security issue. This is the issue of security of the country. We have no other option."

Let us tell you that in the US, labor law is continuing since December 22, so far 8,00,000 federal employees have not been paid. Earlier, there was no special progress in the first round of talks between the White House and the Congress (US Parliament) officials to end the stalemate from the government's stalling of work in the United States. Both sides are accusing each other of leaving the scope to move forward. There may be further discussions between the two sides on this issue.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that the dialogue was interrupted as the Democrats were trying to send the bills to reopen the agencies. This will be the first Treasury Department to ensure that people get their tax return. Trump tweeted on Saturday, "There has not been much progress today."

Democrats say that the White House has not accepted the demand of $ 5.6 billion President to build a wall near the US-Mexico border. The White House said that the funds were not discussed in depth. But the administration's stand on resolving the need for wall and resolving the issue of functioning at one go is clear. Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulveniaccused Democrat members of an interview to CNN that they are only meant to create obstacles.

Let us tell you that Trump say that $ 5.6 billion is needed for wall construction because we are not talking about the game, we are talking about national security. This is the problem of terrorists. Donald Trump is demanding $ 5 billion for the construction of the wall on the US, Mexico border so that the borders of the country can be protected from illegal immigrants, but the Democrats are opposing it. Due to this standoff, the work is continuing with the budget. On Sunday, the 16th day of government shutdown, due to which, nearly 80,000 federal employees have not been paid so far.

Now the Sindh CM also said - PM Imran Khan is begging around the world

Even after the new government came, there has been no change in Pakistan's policy. Under the leadership of Imran Khan, Pakistan is openly demanding funds from around the world. This criticism has not only been done by other people, but mostly from their own people. Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah of Sindh province said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is begging for financial support from the countries of the world.

During a debate on Pakistani news channel Saman TV, he said that Imran Khan is begging around the world. Those who do not have any knowledge of politics today, they are sitting in the government, whose loss is happening to the country.

Let us tell you that on January 5, United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced a $ 6.2 billion help. The crown prince of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will announce it on his Pakistani visit.

Apart from this, the $ 3.2 billion oil-related rebate is being said to meet the $ 3 billion in the cash aid. Let us say that on the same day last year, Saudi Arabia had also announced to help Pakistan pay such a sum.

Significantly, since Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has come to power he has been consistently saying that Pakistan's financial condition is not well. For this he has asked help from countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China and America.

However, the US has given many shocks to Pakistan. In addition to stop the military financial help, other financial help is also stopped by US. Significantly, recently Imran Khan, who had gone on a visit to China, where China announced to help its friend Imran Khan in any ways.

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