8 veterans to participate in high-end adventure sports

The Special Forces Adventures (SFA) led by Major Vivek Jacob (retd) will have veterans from the Indian Army Para Commandos and the Naval Marine Commandos (MARCOS).

Besides, Maj Jacob others include Capt Sahil Chopra, Havildar Meen Bahadur, Havildar Vikash Dhaka, Havildar Athinarayan K, Petty Officer Rajarshi Paul, CPO Shamsher Sehrawat and P.O. Vinod Thakur.

The veterans have launched an initiative 'Op-Blue Freedom', a nation-wide Adaptive Scuba Diving Programme offered for people with disabilities and the able bodied alike. The team member will pursue the Delhi-NCT leg of it in Noida between Aug 12, 13, 14 and 15.

Major Jacob, retired from the Indian Army after serving as an elite Para Commando, Special Forces for 14 years. During his service he trained as sky diver, scuba diver and high-altitude trekker while getting professionally certified.

Captain Sahil Chopra, is a master specialist in unarmed combat. He has been an invaluable resource in developing close quarter combat courses for the Special Forces across India for a decade.

Havildar Meen Bahadur is an expert mountaineer and endurance athlete. He is a sky diver and white-water rafting instructor as well.

Havildar Vikash Dhaka, a veteran in the Army Parachute Regiment, is a military mountaineer and unarmed combat specialist. He has served as an instructor at the world-renowned High-Altitude Warfare School (HAWS).

Havildar Athinarayan K, a Kargil war veteran and awarded for gallantry, has operated with great success in high-intensity conflict and counter-terrorist operations spanning over 21 years. Athi is a master underwater diver and has trained with the US Navy Seals.

Petty Officer Rajarshi Paul, a veteran of MARCO -- Naval Special Forces is a seasoned Special Forces operator whose forte is combat underwater diving with hundreds of hours spent deep under the waves. He has also planned and led numerous rescue operations in the toughest of situations.

CPO Shamsher Sehrawat also a veteran-MARCO, Naval Special Forces specialist Under water Combat Diving Instructor who has trained the Naval Marine Commandos in Under Water Diving Operations, Endurance and Marksmanship. With decades spent diving in the open sea he is amongst the best in the world in his trade.

P.O. Vinod Thakur, a veteran MARCO, Naval Special Forces was a marine commando with an insatiable appetite for high adventure. When he's not diving deep in the sea or jumping off planes, he bides his time dreaming up and developing new skills and new adventures.



Source : ians

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    High-end adventure sports are without doubt very engaging and nice to take part in. One of them also includes diving due to Hurghada Tauchen. It's my passion to swim.

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