A Delhi born boy named Jaideep Singh, is an actor who is only going in stature day by day.

A Delhi born boy named Jaideep Singh, is an actor who is only growing in stature day by day. But that doesn't take away anything from the effort and hardships he has to put through. Being born in a typical middle class family, he saw every up and down a man can go through. He had to shift his schooling due to financial conditions of the family, but that didn't deter his confidence in him. He kept learning from people and eventually got work in advertisements such as Star City ad, Datsun Redigo and even Bingo Mad Angles which featured Bollywood super star Ranveer Singh.

He has also worked with an international channel BBC 2 working for a documentary and playing Harbhajan Singh Puri, a guy that had to shift from pakistan to India during 1947. 


Through his continuous efforts, he got work in YouTube series named College Ke Siyaape. Through his struggles, he had shift places from Mumbai to Delhi on numerous occasions even when he didn't have a place to reside in Mumbai. Barring all the struggles, it has been a smooth journey for Jaideep Singh.

The biggest breakthrough in his life came in the year 2019, where he got selected in Hotstar series 1962- The war in the hills, which was directed by the famous Mahesh Manjrekar. It is based on the Indo- China war of 1962 where a lot of people lost their lives. The series features Abhay Deol as the lead with others as the supporting actor.

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