A farmer of Sindholi village committed suicide due to….
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A farmer of Sindholi village committed suicide due to….


Uttar Pradesh: 5 days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Farmer Kalyan rally, young farmer who was in trouble by bank loan of Sindholi village named Harinandan dixit had committed suicide. In the suicide note, he has written that if the loan is not waived, he will take any action. Harinandan took a loan of 60 thousand rupees from IDBI Bank on April 16, 2015. Due to not giving payment on time, the amount of the loan highly increased. He had a loan of Rs 2,18,587 right now. His son Dilip told that he continued to revolve around the bank after the debt waiver scheme.

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Due to the carelessness of bank employees and officials, they did not get involved in the debt waiver plan, due to which they were disturbed. On Monday evening, at about four o'clock in the morning, they came out of the house by saying that he is going to district headquarters. On Tuesday morning, around 6 o’clock Dilip's son Priyal informed that Baba's was hanging in the cottage in the farm.

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According to the officials writing of suicide note had also matched.

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