Abhay Deol jokes about why he is rarely seen on screen

Mumbai, July 25 (IANS) Actor Abhay Deol on Thursday shared a meme created around his career trajectory. Instead of feeling bad, the "Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!" actor took things in a positive manner, saying "it ain't over till it's over".

"Found this online. Illustrates very well a question I get asked by the people and the press all the time. 'Why do we not see you more often on the big screen?' It's a loaded question, one I cannot answer in short. Maybe one day I will write a book about it. But then, I've already raked up enough trouble over the years, a book might land too many punches," he wrote on Instagram along with the meme, which is divided into two parts. Its left section features Abhay's photograph with his name written on it while the right side has his photograph with "Ab-nahi-hay' marked on it.

Responding to the meme, Abhay shared that he has "3 films in post production and I'm starting 2 more".

"As the great Lenny Kravitz once sang, 'it ain't over till it's over.'," he added.

Abhay recently featured in the Netflix film, "Chopsticks".



Source : ians

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