According to Vastu planted trees outside the house meant Unlucky
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According to Vastu planted trees outside the house meant Unlucky


We always heard in Vastu about the rules for planting trees and plants but some trees are also such that if there they don’t have their architectural place, then they can also leave the person in trouble.

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According to Vastu, never raised vine leaves at the main entrance of the house. Many people do the same mistake.

Keep in mind that no big tree should be planted in the middle of the house. This increases misfortune .Also noticed that there should be no small and light plants in the east and the north direction of the house.

According to Vastu, there should be a total number of trees planted in the house.

Some people also keep the Money plant vine's at the entrance of the house but it should be placed inside the house because it bring fortune there.

Keep in mind that large and dense trees should always be placed in the south and west direction of the hose. The tree should not be placed in front of the entrance door. This makes the door perforation.

Bud and Peepal trees are meant sacred, so they should be placed around the temple etc.

Excluding rose, no thorny plant should be planted in the house otherwise the enemy can disturb you. Milk plants should not be put inside the house because they affect the health of the residents and destroy the money.

Vastu tips to avoid negative energy

Lemons and household trees should also not be used in home or factory. If you cannot remove lemon tree then you should put three basil plants around it.

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