Aim to make health services accessible to people in remotest areas: WISH Foundation

Bundi, August 13, 2019 

Primary Health Care strengthening and expanding is the key agenda of government and in this endeavour the role of Primary Health Centres is very crucial. In spite of the best efforts, the states including Rajasthan, are facing challenges in many of its PHCs in delivering services to last mile population, especially women, children and geriatric population due to challenges like lack of human resource, inadequate infrastructure and supply chain management. It is here, that the objective of LEHS|WISH coincides with the needs of Government of Rajasthan, which resulted in a partnership between the two in 2015. LEHS|WISH is a not for profit Organisation working in the field of healthcare and promoting innovations in health. WISH is also committed to transform Primary health and supporting government of Rajasthan in strengthening primary health especially through health and wellness centers.

State Director WISH Rajasthan, Mr. Kapil Zutshi, informed that in 2014 end LEHS started dialogue with the State Government and shared the proposal on improving the performance of primary health centers through Public Private Partnership. LEHS|WISH in 2015 takeover the management of 30 PHCs and associated 153 sub centers identified by GoR to demonstrate the model. The WISH not only takeover the management of these PHCs but has also introduced advance innovations to improve diagnosis and access to quality healthcare. The state government after recognising the positive changes in performance of PHCs tendered out more such PHCs in 2016 in rural areas and in 2017 in urban areas on PPP mode by inviting Request for Proposal (RFP) from the interested NGOs. Currently the LEHS|WISH is operating in 31 (24 Rural & 7 Urban) PHCs in 14 districts of the state.

Over the period of management by WISH the key performance indicators has shown significantimprovement. The improvement in performance of PHC shows that WISH model of strengthening primary health care is effective through a dedicated human resource and constant supportive supervision.

WISH has done a lot in promoting healthcare innovations in Rajasthan PPP program. It introduced the Mobile Path Lab in which 37 tests are done, whereas as per state government’s free diagnostic scheme, only 15 tests are available at PHC level. With this initiative people are getting more tests done free of costs along with saving their time and money. Mobile Path Lab model was successful and subsequently the government has replicated it across the state. Organisation is also promoting digital version of Health & Wellness center which has the component like telemedicine, medicine vending machine and diagnosis through point of care devices.

State Director shared that after demonstrating the pilot, WISH is gradually handing over the PHCs to Government of Rajasthan as part of its exit strategy. In this sequence, Bamangaon, Jepla, Sirsala, Lohsana, Vardara, Bhalta and Bikarni PHC are going to be handover on 31st August 2019. But the organisation will continue to be an important partner of the government in strengthening the primary healthcare services. LEHS will use the learning in providing technical support to the government of Rajasthan through its technical support unit (TSU) on Health & Wellness Center. LEHS|WISH is also the knowledge & Technical partner of the Delhi government for managing Mohalla Clinic and if Rajasthan government wishes then it can partner for the government’s Janta Clinic in the state.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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