Airtel has launched a new offer plan of ₹ 175, now the customer can enjoy the benefit of long validity

Airtel company has presented a new offer for its prepaid customers in the telecom market, in which Airtel customers will get 4G speed data with long validity. The price of this offer by Airtel company is ₹ 175, which has been included in the data addon plan. The prepaid customers of Airtel used to get only 4 addon plans but now with the introduction of new plans, customers will get five addon plans. Airtel customers were earlier provided with a data add-on plan of ₹ 28 plan, ₹ 48 plan, ₹ 92 plan, ₹ 98 plan. But now a new data add-on plan of ₹ 175 has been made available for Airtel customers. In which 6GB data will be made available to Airtel customers. No, but the joy is that the validity of this plan will also be available for 28 days. In this offer of Airtel, not only the facility of data but also the benefit of SMS has been made available. With which Airtel customers will be able to enjoy the SMS facility free. The cheapest plan in Airtel company's Data Dawn plan is ₹ 28 plan, in which Airtel customers get 28 days validity. Talking about data, 500 MB of data is made available in this offer. At the same time, another cheap plan is a ₹ 48 plan in which 3GB data is made available to Airtel customers, the validity of Airtel's offer is also made available for 28 days. The speciality of the Airtel Company's ₹ 175 plan is that in this offer SMS facility is also being provided along with data. However, the benefit of this offer is similar to Airtel's ₹ 98 data addon plan, in which 6 GB data is made available to customers. But SMS is not provided to customers in this offer of Airtel. The reason behind the launch of this new data addon plan of Airtel is not yet clear. But the customers of Airtel who want to enjoy the facility of SMS with data can also take advantage of this offer.

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